Terms of Engagement

We base all aspects of our financial relationships with our clients on transparency and trust. 

We understand that changing and frequently uncertain business conditions can have profound effects on our clients’ efforts to manage their legal budgets. 

We believe that three things distinguish KG:

  • We always seek a balance between our fees and the quality and value that we deliver to our clients.  The terms and conditions of an engagement with a client are satisfactory to us only when they satisfy our client also.

  • We have the experience and business capabilities to propose and adopt sophisticated billing methods in order to accommodate our clients’ needs and we welcome discussions about alternative fee structures.

  • We have a “no surprises” policy.  We provide the engagement terms and conditions to our client in advance and in writing. At the earliest indication that circumstances might change, we discuss them completely with our client, so that our client can make the best-informed decisions about how we should proceed.